A look into Nigeria’s comatose educational sector, by Mubarak Shelleng


By Mubarak Shuaybu Shelleng

The main cause of this deterioration can be counted as the involvement of politics in the appointment, transfer, promotion and deputation of teachers and the construction of need-based school buildings. The inadequate facilities such as buildings, furniture, equipment and books has been observed in most schools due to mismanagement of the allocation of budget.

This ugly state of the country’s education has been attributed over time to a number of factors including under-funding, low-quality teaching personnel, poor infrastructure, poverty of curriculum and absence of dedicated practitioners. From primary through secondary to the tertiary level, the rot is mind-boggling. It is a decline, which must be arrested if Nigeria’s future would not be jeopardised.

Nigeria's Comatose Education
Mr Mubarak Shuaybu Shelleng

It didn’t became a surprise when the highest ever 2020 budget was presented, only 6.7℅ was allocated to the ministry of education, an amount lower than that of 7.05℅ of 2019. Even with the rising concerns bedevilling the country’s educational sector.

The perennial industrial disputes between ASUU and FG which has on a number of times led to strike action by the union is another issue bedevilling the sector and it is obvious that the 2009 Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two parties, towards the revitalization of universities as it’s main point that seek to consume over N1.3 trillion is not negotiable due to the current state of the country’s economy.

Most of the state Governors are also showing little or no concern towards the sector, though I must recommend the efforts of Adamawa state Government for paying SSCE and given out scholarship to indigenous students in various tertiary institutions.

Moreover, issues like, salary shortfalls, poor remuneration of teachers, lack of conducive learning environment and well trained teachers are among the issues bedevilling the sector for decades.

The outbreak of Covid 19 pandemic has added more petrol to the existing fire. As a result, schools were closed nationwide in efforts to curtail the spreads of the deadly Virus.

The continuation of schools closure indicates government’s nonchalant attitude towards education. Because its crystal clear that schools can operate safely while containing the pandemic.

It was reported this morning that schools were reopened in Wuhan China the epicenter of the novel corona virus. But here, what we are only hearing from the media is shifting blames game playing between the Academic Staff Union of Universities and the federal government.

Therefore, there is a prompt need to take action to save the future of our generation by taking necessary steps to improve our educational system. There is also the need for infrastructural overhaul and fresh employment of well trained teachers in the sector.

Above all, It is incumbent on governments and its agencies at all levels to ensure that the level of education in Nigeria is improved. And since the future development of the nation is tied to its youths, government at all levels must make the right investment in education. The country should strive to nurture a system whose products would be competitive with their counterparts in the rest of the world. Nigeria needs to take the bold redemptive step to save education and the future of the country.

Shelleng sent the article via shuaibumubarak001@gmail.com


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