Adamawa APC: a divided house that may fall in 2019

Adamawa APC
Adamawa APC a divided house that may fall in 2019

Less than two years into the present Bindow led administration, some elements withing the ruling APC made it known to anyone who cares to pay attention of their intention to deny him the chance to fly the party’s governorship flag in 2019 general elections.

Politics has never been devoid of opposition, internal included. However, what made this case different and more intriguing here in Adamawa state is that this is the first time an incumbent governor is facing a stiff opposition within his own party.

What does all this mean to democracy ? The opposition Gov Bindow is facing is a testimony to the rising level of political awareness among the citizens of the state, and the effort to deny him continued stay in the covetous dougirei government house is a testament to the increased level of political participation especially among youth.

Let’s attempt to run a timeline of events to paint a picture of how this internal conflict between these political juggernaut in the state may affect the party chances in 2019.

The recent adoption of direct primaries by the National working committee of APC was welcomed differently by political gladiators in the state, and has snowballed into another point of serious conflict within the party. The faction hostile to present government in power says aye , and loyalist to the incumbent governor says nay.

A day after the announcement of the adoption of direct primaries by the National working committee of APC, hoodlums stormed the office of former SGF Babachir Lawal where loyalist of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Murtala Nyako and Babachir Lawan were having a meeting chanting “sai Bindow” “No direct primaries” then proceeded to break glasses of four vehicles belonging to individuals attending the meeting which were parked outside the venue.

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The act was condemned by stakeholders in the state as political thuggerry and attack on opposition are alien to politics in Adamawa state and will not mean well for all parties involved. There are more civilised ways a political war can be waged and won without destruction.

To no ones surprise, the group, as expected, pointed accusing fingers at Gov Bindow

The following day, Adamawa state commissioner of information and strategy Ahmad Sajoh denied the governor’s hands in this shameful act. To be fair, Governor Bindow isn’t a violent nor bitter man, his actions and reactions has proven so, but some of his loyalist are, and could go beyond limits to impress.

On the 3rd of September, Adamawa state APC chairman Ibrahim Bilal convened a state excutives committee meeting at the banquet hall of the government house and unanimously adopted indirect primaries in the state. The motion for adoption of indirect primaries was moved by Ahmed Gulak and seconded by James Barka.

In the same meeting, Adamawa state house of assembly speaker Hon. Kabiru Mijinyawa told the SGF Boss Mustapha to warn APC national chairman Adams Oshiomole to keep off the affairs of the state. If not, ” we are ready to fight” Said the speaker.

I should be noted that the Dimaz Ezra faction loyal to Ribadu , Nyako and Babachir claimed to be oblivious of the meeting hence were not in attendance. Therefore, cannot accept the decision

Now just yesterday, Adamawa state APC chairman Ibrahim Bilal said at the party secretariat in presence of governor Bindow and indeed the world, that the party has adopted Bindow as the sole consensus gubernatorial candidate in 2019. He claimed to have spoken the decision arrived at by all 21 local government APC chairpersons and executives.

This is not the first time Bilal is making such utterance. He made similar statement in June 2017 in Michika. A party chairman is like a mother who should treat all her children equally and fairly. if anything, Bilals utterances drops a hint that a level playing field should not be expected in the party primaries.

Meanwhile, while supporters of Bindow are basking at the successful declaration of interest to contest for continuity in 2019, factional stakeholders held a meeting at Abuja to put forward complain to the national working committee of APC on the alleged discrimination and injustices meeted our against them by the Adamawa state executive of the party.

Unfortunately, whatever mode of primaries is finally accepted and conducted in Adamawa, there is a highly likelihood that the loser will not concede defeat. And this may lead to anti party activities that could undermine greatly the party chances at the polls.

Both camps have been viciously exchanging political blows in an relentless effort to subdue one another interest, and from events unfolding so far, none is willing to sheath their sword.
What is worrisome is that should this internal wrangling continue, it may affect APCs chances in 2019 polls. As Abraham Lincoln said ” a house divided cannot stand”.
if care is not taken, APC in Adamawa state may fall and scatter like a pack of cards come 2019.


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