Adamawa SSG, Mal. Bashiru Ahmad, pillar of Adamawa Govt

Adamawa SSG

By Phillip Ishaya

Greatness is achieved not through selfish promotion of oneself or cheap publicity but through selfless services that benefits mankind especially the down trodden, Mal. Bashiru Ahmad epitomizes greatness in all ramifications. Never has Adamawa State been blessed with a philanthropist like the Secretary to the Adamawa State Government, a man that genuinely cares for the well-being of Adamawa Masses

For the benefit of the people that do not know Mal. Bashiru Ahmad is a political iroko, over qualified on his own rights. God has given Adamawa a man of outstanding quality, vision and class, God so much love Adamawa State, otherwise how could we have discovered the talents, energy, kindness, passion and selflessness endowed in one person.

I was involved in a discussion with some of our people and everyone has the same view, Mal. Bashiru Ahmad is a God sent first class brain, mentor and determined man that is passionate about his people. He is well prepared to make a difference in the lives of Adamawa people.

I saw diamond in the heart of this gentleman this man posses and the passion he has in making sure that he supports his people to achieve maximally.

Adamawa SSG is a great intellect that holds his ground in terms of quality and logical discussions, he spends time researching into any subject of his interest, he realises that being informed puts one ahead of others and gives him benefits especially when he is in such a position where some people may want to take advantage of him.

This his attitude to work is not an overnight wonder but an attitude and approach that has been well established over the years due to his professional background and exposure. In all that he is involved in, he has proper understanding of the process and expected end results. His ability to understand issues that catch his interest puts him on a different operational pedestal than others.

Mal. Bashiru Ahmad understands that he is the beacon of HOPE for the hopeless, it is the reason why anytime he is out there, he is packaging and presenting one project or the other for the common good of Adamawa people.

He is educating the children of the widows, he is feeding them and providing them with lifelong opportunities enabling them to turn out good for self and the society.

In so many ways, he has laid down his life for others not as a fool but simply to demonstrate his acquired qualities of a good leader and by extension, acting upon the old adage which says “teach one how to fish rather than giving out a fish for free all the time.”

Mal. Ahmad is a man that does not have the word impossible in his books, he is always restless, searching for opportunities that can enable him do more, has never relented in seeking opportunities locally and internationally that would enable him do more.

He has out of his volition committed himself to humanity project by propagating the gospel of kindness within and outside his domain through the veritable tools of love, peace and unity to mentioned but a few.

Mal. Bashiru Ahmad is a rare gift to Adamawa People, history that you have started will be very kind to you as your good deeds will always speak for you, the journey is far, yet you have done so much, we are excited about the possibilities ahead, you are truly a leader.

Adamawa SSG belongs to me, He belongs to you, and he belongs to everyone. His ideology, belief and Association can be publicly identified. He is an open book as far as leadership is concerned. Yet, he is independent chapter of a voluminous epistle of life.

Ishaya sent in the piece from Yola


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