Alleged Forgery: How Sen Abbo assaults, detains me – Abasiriyu petitions IGP


An embattled personal assistant to Sen. Cliff Ishaku Abbo, Zaman Abasiriyu has accused the senator of inhuman treatment, assault, unlawful detention and threat to his life.

Abasiriyu who petitioned the inspector general of the federation, Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, through his solicitors, J. K Gadzama LLP on Thursday June 4, 2020 accused the senator of joining forces with his orderly, Nicholas Dahiru Sule and two SARS officers to mete out serious inhuman treatment against him.

“We are solicitors to Mr. Zaman Abasiryu (”our client”) and on whose behalf and instructions we write this petition against one Senator Elisha Cliff lshaku (“the Senator”), Nicholas Dahiru Sule (“his orderly”), and two Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) Police Officers (“SARS officers”), for inhuman treatment, assault, unlawful detention and threats to life, which we reasonably believe he has committed against our client as delineated below,” the petition reads in part.

Narrating the ordeal of their client further, the solicitors noted that the travails of the embattled special adviser, started on Monday, June 1, 2020, at about 2 a.m. when he received a call from one of the Senator’s aides asking him to open the gate of his house No. 9, Flat 3, Ogun Street, Area 2, Garki, Abuja for some visitors of the Senator who were to pass the night at the said house.

According to Abasiriyu, upon opening the gate, he realized that the information was false and that the Senator himself was at the gate.

“The Senator collected our client’s phones and requested that he calls out his password, which our client did, details of which were recorded by the orderly.

“The Senator ransacked our client’s belongings and took documents, car key, car particulars, laptop, earpiece, two hard drives, and the 2 mobile phones belonging to our client. Photographs of the ransacked room are hereby attached as Annexure A (1-3).

“Our client, who was wearing only his boxers, was thereafter handcuffed by the two SARS officers who were brought by the Senator. These SARS officers thereafter took our client to the Senator’s residence at Katampe, instead of the police station. There, the Senator asked the two SARS officers to wait outside within his compound but took our client in handcuffs to his living room and beat him mercilessly.

“The Senator used his hands, his legs; he went to the bathroom and used a mop stick to beat our client. When the mop stick broke, he asked his orderly to get him a stick which he used to continue pounding on our client. Photographs of the injuries on our client’s body as a result of the Senator’s assault are hereby attached as Annexure B (I-7).

“The Senator threatened that he would kill our client, including all that were with him, and even went as far as saying that he will ensure our client’s life is wasted.

“While the above was going on, the two SARS officers remained outside within the Senator’s residence at Katampe, notwithstanding the threats, the Senator had made to kill our client at the Area 2, Garki residence in the presence of the SARS officers.

“When the Senator was tired of beating our client, he then ushered in the two SARS officers, gave them $100 and asked that our client be taken to the SARS Station at Guzape District, where he was later detained. The Senator also followed them to the SARS Station, and all these happened between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.

“The Senator accused our client of forging his signature and using his letterhead to write the Department of State Services. However, the said letter was found by the Senator in the belongings of one Mr. Ephraim, the Senator’s step-brother and his succeeding Personal Assistant – the author of the said letter.

“The Senator also alleged that our client had exposed his secrets to his political opponents in a bid to destroy his career.
The Senator had instructed the police that our client be detained until Mr. Ephraim, who had travelled before the interstate travel ban was placed, return from Adamawa State,” Abasiriyu noted.

According to the petition, Abasiriyu was released on bail after spending approximately 61 hours in detention in total contravention of Nigeria’s extant laws adding that the senator has vehemently refused to return the personal effects of the PA which he confiscated, despite orally promising that he will return all of the items to the estranged PA.

“Our client was released on bail in the evening of Wednesday, May 3, 2020 at about 4 p.m., after he had spent over two days (approximately 61 hours) in detention. The Senator had orally undertaken at the SARS office to return on our client’s documents, car key, car particulars, laptop, earpiece, two hard drives, and the 2 mobile phones, which were in his possession.

“Upon our client’s release, we proceeded to the Senator’s residence at Katamnpe and met with the Senator. The Senator however rescinded from his oral undertaking. He refused to return our client’s belongings, which he had taken.

“Thereafter, our client visited Garki Hospital, where he received treatment for his injuries. Photographs of our client receiving treatment are hereby attached as Annexure C (1-3), while our client’s prescription details and payment receipt are attached as Annexure D and E respectively,” Gadzama noted.

Senator using office to abuse others, suffers from temper related problems

The solicitors noted that it was apparent that going by his recent odious conduct were he carried out a similar abusive action against a nursing mother at a sex toy shop, the senator may be suffering from temper related problems.

“We will recall that sometime last year, the same Senator Elisha Clilf lshaku was accused and charged to Court for the Public Assault he committed on a nursing mother in a sex toy shop at Abuja. The said Senator had subsequently tendered a tearful apology to the victim of his assault and all Nigerians, wherein he stated that the episode had taught him a very great lesson, both as a private citizen and a public officer, particularly as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria upon whom public confidence is reposed.

“It is obvious that the said Senator has a temper-related problem and is using his office to perpetrate acts of assault, molestation and intimidation of innocent victims and those under his care as employees, such as our client, who happened to be very close to him.

“It is disturbing that this episode will keep reproducing itself if his acts are not strongly condemned and his sins are not visited upon him accordingly. We humbly request that you intervene for justice to be done and ensure that the properties of our client are returned to him.

“Likewise, considering the global condemnation of the actions of some police officers who are undeserving of the uniform, and who are culpable of tainting the good reputation of the Nigerian Police Force, we implore you to take a stand and ensure that your well known reputation as a man of integrity and valour is protected.

“We hereby formally complain in this regard and urge you to use your good offices to ensure that these acts of inhuman treatment, assault, unlawful detention and threats to life are investigated and the law takes its full course.

“We have deemed it proper to channel our petition to you because we identify with your lofty goals and pursuit aimed towards the reformation of the Nigerian Police Force since your assumption as the Inspector General of Police and we are confident that you will not sit by and watch or condone the molestation and intimidation of any Nigerian,” the solicitors noted.

In a video cliff which has gone viral, the senator was heard accusing the PA of committing forgery and impersonation against him.

Cliff has accused Abasiriyu of writing to the Director General of the State Security Services (SSS), using senate letterhead to solicit for a number of recruitment slots, which he sells out to job seekers.

Cliff also accused his embattled PA of using similar tricks to solicit for contracts from ministries, boards and other agencies of government.

acknowledged copy of a letter sent to SSS with Abbo’s forged signatures

He also accused the PA of extorting unsuspecting employment seekers adding that luck ran out on him when the SSS replied directly to him, stating that the Service was not recruiting; and if the need arose, he would be contacted.

He added that suspecting foul play, he contacted the police, who swooped on Abasiriyu’s apartment at 9 Ogun Street, Area 2 Garki, Abuja; arrested him and recovered incriminating documents.

According to a report by Pilot, Senator Cliff has disclosed that: “I received a call from the SSS Headquarters, in response to the purported letter I sent asking for recruitment favours.

“They said there was no such exercise now, but that when recruitment starts, they would contact me through the Senate Committee Chairman on National Security.

“I was alarmed, because I have never sent any such request; not to the SSS, or any government agency.

“So I petitioned the police officially, who eventually discovered from my PA, acknowledged copies of letters sent with my forged signatures.”


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