Biden proposes $1.9trn rescue package to stimulate economy


U.S president-elect Joe Biden Jr. has on Thursday proposed a $1.9 trillion rescue package to combat the economic downturn and the Covid-19 crisis.

The move represents the type of sweeping aid that Democrats have demanded for months and signaling the shift in the federal government’s pandemic response as Mr. Biden prepares to take office.

Highlights of the expenditure include a
$400 billion package to combat the pandemic directly and funding 100,000 public health workers to engage in vaccine outreach and contact tracing.

$20 billion is earmarked as “national vaccine program, $350 billion earmarked to help state and local governments bridge budget shortfalls, $1,400 earmarked as direct payments to individuals, generous unemployment benefits with an extra $400 weekly supplement.

The government will also extend tax credits to many families to offset up to $8,000 in annual child care costs.

Biden also called on congress to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour


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