Biden showers praises on Nancy Pelosi led house for impeaching Trump

Trump Impeachment

US President-elect, Joe Biden, has showered praises on Nancy Pelosi led house of representatives for impeaching President Donald Trump for the second time.

The House on Wednesday impeached President Trump for a historic second time and seven days before the scheduled swearing-in of Joe Biden.

Biden said the feat performed by the Nancy Pelosi led house which secured the support of 10 Republican lawmakers was phenomenal.

Trump’s impeachment followed the attack on Capitol by supporters of the outgoing President last week.

“Today, the members of the House of Representatives exercised the power granted to them under our Constitution and voted to impeach and hold the president accountable,” Biden said in a statement Wednesday.

The House voted 232 against 197, accusing President Trump of inciting the deadly violence at the Capitol that claimed some lives.

“It was a bipartisan vote cast by members who followed the Constitution and their conscience,” he added.

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi has insisted that no one is above the law.

She said this after signing an article of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Trump was impeached for a historic second time on Wednesday evening, and Pelosi did the signing, a ceremonial step that precedes the article being sent to the Senate.

The signing makes the article official shortly after it passed the House. Ten Republican members backed the Democrats to impeach Trump.

The President who has a week in office, was accused of inciting his supporters to attack the US Capitol, an incident that claimed some lives last week Wednesday.

Trump was impeached by the House on a single charge of incitement of insurrection.

“Today, in a bipartisan way, the House demonstrated that no one is above the law, not even the president of the United States,” Pelosi said before signing the document.

“That Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to our country and that once again we honor that oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help us God.”

By this development, the US leader made history by becoming the first American President to be impeached twice.

The House will submit the article of impeachment to the Senate, although a trial is not expected to begin until after next Wednesday’s inauguration.

US President-elect, Joe Biden has sent a message to the Senate after the House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Biden asked the Senate to conduct Trump’s impeachment trial while simultaneously handling other critical issues.

Biden does not want issues surrounding the current administration to slow down his government when he takes office next week.

He said the Senate needs to be able to follow through on the outgoing President’s impeachment trial while working on his agenda.

“This nation also remains in the grip of a deadly virus and a reeling economy,” Biden’s statement after Trump’s impeachment on Wednesday added.

“I hope that the Senate leadership will find a way to deal with their Constitutional responsibilities on impeachment while also working on the other urgent business of this nation.”

The House voted 232 to 197 on Wednesday, a week after the deadly Capitol attack, to impeach Trump, on the charge that he incited the violence.

The House Democrats were able to secure the support of 10 GOP lawmakers to impeach Trump.

After the November 3 presidential election, Trump had continued to make comments worthy of rising tensions and resulting to violence.

In a plot to stop the Congress from certifying the President-elect, Trump was said to have incited his supporter to launch a deadly attack on the US Capitol.


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