Bringing back Babale into APC campaign will not stop party’s defeat – Fintiri


The campaign directorate of the gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), in Adamawa State, has disclosed that the readmission of deputy governor Martins Nasir Babale into the APC campaign train will not save the party from the imminent defeat that stares it in the eyes.

A press statement signed by the Director General Fresh Air Campaign Organization, Usman Aliyu Marafa, noted that, if popularity is the major requirement for winning election, then APC has already failed the election due to its waning popularity, occasioned by unfulfilled promises, unfriendly and inclement policies which worsens the plight of the people and exacerbate poverty to unprecedented levels to the extent that many people find it difficult to feed.

The statement added that it was unfortunate that a government that rode to power on the crest of overwhelming goodwill, will scandalously fritter away such gesture in three years to the extent that its leadership can’t freely mingle with the people without being molested or attacked.

Marafa added that in line with the law of karma, the governor and by extension the APC, are now facing a natural retribution and rejection, as a result of the way and manner they deceived the good people of the state by hoisting the most malevolent and insensitive regime in the annals of the state.

He noted that the Bindow’s administration will be remembered in the contemporary history books, as one administration that has stripped the office of the governor of its substance, glamour, respect an reverence as a consequence of the travesties and follies that were promoted to an art by the governor.

“At no time in the history of the state was the office of the governor so commonised, desecrated and abused. Because of the the level of banal frivolities that were hoisted on the state, the sacred office of the governor was demoted to a place were “comedy of errors” are perfected and administered on the people without let or hindrance to the extent that the all important office lost its substance, glamour and respect in a spectacular manner which concomitantly made the state not only placed in the committee of most backward states but an object of sneer and ridicule across every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

“Instead of the government to maintain its pride of place as the provenance of morality, a source of inspiration and a beacon of hope to the people, the Bindow’s 
administration only deemed it fit to uphold lies, deceits and follies, as its cardinal philosophies so much so that the people of the state nicknamed the governor Mr. Digital,” he said.

Marafa added that because of the crass indulgence of the governor in revelries and economic debauchery, the state was left badly hemorrhaging as all sectors of human endeavour including health, education, agriculture, water, housing etc were completely left in absolute decay making the state to grapple with some of the worst human development challenges, such as worsening poverty, social insecurity and high rate of infant and maternal mortality rate.

“Such level of procrastination and lacklustre attitude towards the welfare of the people makes the government to assume a phenomenal unpopularity to the extent the governor, his deputy and other officials of the government find it exceedingly difficult to face the people which is the reason behind the delay of the governor to commence campaigns much earlier.

“Alas, when it became clearer that they must face the people as others are doing, the governor grudgingly assigned his co travellers to commence a proxy campaign. As a show of the governor’s rejection, the campaigns became rowdy and violent in all the three senatorial districts culminating in the attack of the deputy governor by his own people who in unambiguous terms rejected him.

“The situation made the governor to bar his deputy from participating in the campaigns and resort to the deployment of cash, appointments and other perks of office thinking that such Greek gifts will make the people to forget the insidious transgressions his administration hoisted over the years,” Marafa said.

He noted that despite the use of the state resources, to defray any form of aggression, the party’s campaign has continued to witness flurry of protests as Bindow’s campaign lasted, adding that the development speaks volumes about the bad blood existing between the masses and the party noting that with such level of animosity, the defeat of APC in the state come March 2, 2019 is a fait accompli.


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