Father attempts to kill daughter for vowing to go back to hubby after divorce

Father kill Daughter

An angry father simply called Malam Ada of Cigari village in Fufuore Local Government of Adamawa State has attempted to kill his biological daughter for mending fences with her husband after divorce.

Sources in the town told our reporter that the father tried to no avail to prevent his daughter from going back to the husband after the divorce.

The daughter, Malama Adama and her husband, Malam Usman had encountered some matrimonial disagreements culminating in the divorce.

It was reported that after the divorce, Adama packed her belongings to the father’s house where she stayed for a while before the couple reconciled their differences.

After they reconciled the husband moved to take the wife back to his house but met a stiff resistance by her father who vowed never to allow the daughter back to the husband’s house.

An eyewitness told FOMBINATIMES that when it became glaring that the daughter was moving away with her hubby, the enraged father brought a machete and threatened to kill both the daughter and her husband.

The daughter who was not happy with her father’s hard line posture, reported the case to an Adamawa based rights NGO, the Adamawa Concerned Citizens (ACC) for redress.

Confirming the development, the chairman of ACC Alhaji Gambo Bello Nakura, said the daughter has rights to go back to the husband’s house adding that he will visit the father on Monday to ensure that the issue is resolved amicably in line with Sharia provisions.


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