Fintiri’s executive order usurpation of legislative powers – Umar Ardo

Adamawa PDP Loans, Umar Ardo

A chieftain of the Reformed People’s Democratic Party (r-PDP) in Adamawa State, Dr Umar Ardo, has accused governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of usurping legislative powers and functions through the promulgation of an executive order to tame  COVID-19 in the state.

In a statement he sent to FOMBINATIMES, the politician said no where in the constitution was the governor given the powers to promulgate an Executive Order.
” His so-called Executive Order is alien to the Nigerian constitution.

“There’s nowhere in the constitution or any extant law in the state or the country that empowers the governor to promulgate an ‘Executive Order’ and govern the state by means of such order without recourse to the House of Assembly,” he said.

Ardo accused Fintiri of going beyond the constitutional powers vested to a state governor noting that, he has no right to misuse the outbreak of a natural disaster, in the form of Coronavirus pandemic to hoist an reign of dictatorship.

“If he wants to contain the Coronavirus and protect the people of Adamawa state by this his so-called Executive Order, he should and must submit it to the House of Assembly as an Executive Bill to be passed by the legislative body for him to sign into law. The governor has a professor of law as his Chief of Staff and so should have been better guided. 

“Please let me not be misunderstood – I am in support of every measure taken or to be taken by the governor to contain the coronavirus in our state, but such measures must be lawful. 

“We are a state under law, and so must be governed by the law. Unless we do things according to law, we will never be organized; and if we are unorganized we will never achieve objectives no matter how glossily put. 

“The point I am making is that if we allow this unconstitutional act to stay, then (1) it won’t succeed in its objectives, (2) it circumvents the legislature, (3) it weakens the democratic process, and (4) it sets bad precedent for tomorrow’s misuse; all amounting to the state slipping into dictatorship. 

“If the governor wants this order to be complied with by citizens, he must also comply with the laws of the land in promulgating it. But as it is, this so-called Executive Order an act of ignorance and so not worth the paper it is written on. This is why I oppose the so-called Executive Order as announced by the state government without following due process of law,” he said.


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