Heads may roll in ADSU as new governing council scrutinizes university’s books

Adamawa State University

*Vacancies for VC, Registrar, Bursar to be announced

Adamawa State University has been gripped by tension as the new governing council superintended by Awwal D Tukur commenced work.

The university has for over two years being administered by a Vice Chancellor in acting capacity, a development that contravened the act establishing the institution.

In addition, both the registrar and the Bursar of the institution have also been operating in an acting capacity for years also in contravention of the act that established the university.

Equally the university has operated for years during the tenure of former governor of the state, Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, without a governing council as a result of which it was administered like a personal fiefdom of those “in charge of the state.”, findings by FOMBINATIMES indicated.

Documents seen by FOMBINATIMES indicated that monies running into tens of billions of naira have been budgeted in the name of the university from 2015 to 2018 despite the fact that the university was wading through myriad of crisis which resulted in the appointment of VC’s and other important positions in acting capacity.

Sources privy to developments in the institution confided in our reporter that over the years, the university has simply being turned to “a conduit pipe” through which significant resources were siphoned leading to unprecedented decay and the near-collapse of the once promising and viable citadel of learning.

A source in the university said over the last four years, the institution has been abused, desecrated and bastardized leading to the near annihilation of the once gangling and reputable institution.

He noted that even statutory allocations that should come to the university are diverted making facilities to be in a state decay.

“Despite changing the laws establishing the university and reviewing downward, the statutory allocation to the university from 5 to 3 percent, the then government was in the habit of releasing crumbs or whatever it wished to dish out to the university.

“That is why operations and state of facilities were in complete ruin in the last four years making the institution to suffer serious set back in almost all facets of its operations,” the source disclosed.

Vacancies for VC, Registrar, Bursar to be announced

An insider also told FOMBINATIMES that the new chairman of the university governing council, Awwal D Tukur who was in the university from Tuesday to Saturday has promised to resuscitate the institution’s lost glory.

Our source disclosed that to fast-track the rescue of the university, the positions of the VC, Registrar, and Bursar that were hitherto peopled by persons in an acting capacity, will be advertised so that the university can be placed once again on the path of glory.

“The acting VC has been told to resign if she wants to apply for the substantive position. But if she is not interested, she will be allowed to be part of the process that will lead to the employment of the next generation of the institution’s leadership, likewise the other two positions,” our source disclosed.

Another source in the university confided in our reporter that the chairman of the governing council has rattled many by the depth of investigations he has carried out during his four-day working visit.

“Many thought that being the son of a wealthy man, Tukur will just do a shoddy job and leave, but many were taken aback by the depth of knowledge, investigative prowess, and commitment displayed by Tukur who virtually worked round the clock and turned the institution upside down, during his visit.

” I can tell you many people that have skeletons in their cupboards are now edgy and jittery about the information at the fingertips of Tukur who promised that heads will roll.

“From the information we got, the chairman will address the press on Monday were he may unravel the findings he made,” our source further disclosed.


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