How Jarma’s medical outreach in Adamawa saved many from blindness

Jarma Jimeta
Alhaji Musa Adamu, Jarma Jimeta

A sizeable number of the over 800 beneficiaries of a medical outreach sponsored by Alhaji Musa Adamu, Jarma Jimeta have poured encomiums on the businessman for providing the life changing treatment at their door steps free of charge.

Beneficiaries disclosed that such intervention was their saving grace from going into the pit of blindness.

Jarma has fortnight ago, sponsored free treatment for various eye defects and diseases in Adamawa state to the aforementioned members of the society who could not access such services on account of financial constraints.

The exercise which took place in Jimeta-Yola lasted for six days, November 9th to 14th.

To underscore the uniqueness of the exercise, the beneficiaries were drawn without recourse to their age, gender or any other tendency as children, women, youth and the old Muslims and Christians who have eye problems were attended to.

Also to ensure massive participation by all and sundry, the medical outreach was decentralised across various clinics in Jimeta-Yola.

Some of the clinics that administered the free treatment include; Yelwa, Nasarawo, Bekaji and Bachure clinics all located within Jimeta-Yola metropolis.

Because of the massive sensitization and approval rating accorded to the exercise, beneficiaries from all nooks and crannies of the state responded and participated during the exercise.

A beneficiary, David Phillip whose eyesight was restored after over a decade of blindness said “Jarma is a saviour”.

During the outreach, people were diagnosed after which they were given the right treatment including drugs and corrective eye-glasses.

In yet another show of philanthropy, the people’s servant, Jarma Jimeta has gone round hospitals in Jimeta-Yola where he helped settle medical bills for the less privileged patients and those who can’t afford their bills.

Alhaji Musa Adamu, Jarma Jimeta during a visit to Specialists Hospital, Yola

Jarma, according to aides and confidants was moved by the plight of the indigent patients whom most times find it difficult to access medical care because of paucity of funds.

“He was prodded to act on account of the multiple complaints he has heard in regards to eye challenges and the plight of indigent patients languishing in our hospitals.

“Moved by the frequency and intensity of such complaints, Jarma decided to spring into action and mobilized medical experts in the field of optometry whom he sponsored and treated all cases received in Adamawa state at the time.

“The medical intervention was open to all Adamawa state’s populace who were privy of the information,” an associate of Jarma, Sadiq told our reporter.

However, according to an associate of the philanthropist, Jarma will soon sponsor another round of intervention as people continue to complain of the same challenges.

Like Phillip, another beneficiary Maryam Sambo who could not hide her happiness said the intervention was a right step in the right direction, adding that it has saved many from drowning into the dark waters of blindness.

One of the Beneficiaries, Maryam Sambo at Bekaji Clinic

“I am here to receive treatment for my eye ailment sponsored by Jarma Jimeta, and I am glad to have been diagnosed and given drugs and corrective eye-glasses”. Sambo said.

“He has really done well. I urge the politicians whom we elected to copy such monumental gesture from Jarma so as to touch the lives of the less privileged.

“You see now, Jarma is the one doing it instead of those looting the public funds. You see he’s now the one helping. We really appreciate him and may God reward him abundantly. We all wish him well,” Another beneficiary, Abdulrasheed Yakubu said.


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