How leadership ‘Best Governor’ award on Fintiri elicits partisan animosity in Adamawa

The contentious 'Best Governor Award' given to Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa State by the leadership newspapers group has opened renewed and partisan acrimony between the pro and anti government forces in the State.

Fintiri Award
Adamawa State Gov, Ahamadu Umaru Fintiri receiving the Leadership Governor's Award in Abuja

The contentious ‘Best Governor Award’ given to Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of Adamawa State by the leadership newspapers group has opened renewed and partisan acrimony between the pro and anti government forces in the State.

While the pro government establishment mainly the governor’s appointees, and close allies have defended the award as well deserved, the anti-government elements have been going to town with a well chorused mantra insinuating that “the Governor must have bought the award” in view of the failure of his administration to institute any tangible project in the state since Fintiri’s ascension to the Dougirei seat of power.

While rationalising the award as well deserved, the governor’s aides have been flaunting what they called “the silent and revolutionary achievements he recorded in the areas of security, education and infrastructure” which the opponents of the government said were non existent.

Justifying the award on the Governor in a post on the Facebook wall of Adamawa State government, a Senior Special Assistant to the governor on social mobilization, Victor Dogo defended the award to the governor via 21 bullet points.

In a text entitled “reasons why his excellency deserved the leadership award”, Dogo lauded the vision of the governor at entrenching peculiar approach towards lasting solutions to the peculiar challenges of Adamawa State, noting that no two states have the same challenges.

He noted that another achievement recorded by the governor was in the area of uniting the diverse peoples of Adamawa state irrespective of tribe, religion and political affiliation, adding that he was a governor who took the masses along in making critical state polices, especially in regards to payment of counterpart funding to facilitate critical projects that would have lasting impact on the populace.

Another achievement recorded by Fintiri according to Dogo was in the area of the home grown feeding program in sampled schools, payment of scholarship allowance to students and providing free education and WAEC fees for the children of the poor in public schools.

He noted that another milestone recorded by Fintiri was in the area of providing small tractors to farmers and other sundry incentives in the agric sub sector.

He said the governor has increased by 100 percent, funding into the state’s pension account so that more pensioners could be settled noting that the governor is also reconnecting electricity supply to areas hitherto afflicted by blackouts.

He disclosed that the government is currently on the implementation stage for the construction of 2000 houses in the state while embarking on the construction of about 200km road networks in the state.

Elucidating the governor’s achievements further, Dogo said Fintiri is seriously working to restore potable water to communities and creating synergy between locals and security personnel to arrest the degenerating security situation leading to the procurement and provision of vehicles for the various security outfits in the state.

He lauded the governor for paying 32,000 minimum wage and the implementation of the agreed consequential wages for senior civil servants while rehabilitating schools and hospitals.

He said the governor has also revived the civil service through fair play and creating equal opportunities for all, based on qualifications and not God-fatherism.

He said the administration has made significant strides in jerking up the IGR profile of the state and adopting the TSA just as it re-positions the state university for optimal performance.

In his submission, the Chairman Adamawa Concerned Citizens, Hussaini Gambo Bello Nakura said the whole submission by Dogo is a hubris debunking claims of achievements by the Fintiri led administration as misleading, and a slap on the sensibilities of the good citizens of Adamawa State.

Nakura said in view of the absence of any concrete achievement made in the last one year by the Fintiri’s administration, he believed that the governor must have bought the leadership award otherwise such award was undeserved in view of the lackluster performance of Fintiri’s administration.

He challenged the sympathizers of the administration to show him any tangible project achieved by Fintiri in the last one year.

He said that none of the projects which the governor kick-started is visible noting that the governor has only deceived the people by launching various projects which up till now could not start let alone be concluded.

“The governor has given the award of flyover, 2,000 housing units, traffic lights, Bachure road reconstruction in the state capital but up till now none of the projects is in vogue. We can’t see any project on ground. You are in the state, has the government done any project?

“The governor only seems to be servicing his pockets for bringing consultants who collect 25 percent on Internally Generated Revenue while the Board of internal revenue only gets 10 percent,” he said.

He noted that instead of the governor to provide dividend of democracy for the poverty and insurgency ridden state, he is busy fighting with the traditional institutions and by extension the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar who is the second in command in Adamawa emirate.

“His audacity to directly pour invectives on the son of Lamido and saying nothing will happen is an affront not only on Lamido Adamawa whom the governor is indirectly addressing but also on former vice president Atiku Abubakar who is the second in command in Adamawa emirate council,” he said.

Nakura noted that despite the government’s huge expenditure in the security sector in order to address the menace of insecurity, the scourge is multiplying in leaps and bonds, noting that residents now sleep with their two eyes open as the state witnessed the resurgence of Boko Haram in Gombi local government and upsurge in kidnapping and armed robbery.

He said as if the maladministration being hoisted by the governor is not enough, Fintiri sacked about 10,000 civil servants who may be pushed by poverty to embrace crime, adding that the governor is even trying to reduce salary of judges in the state.

Also commenting, a public affairs analyst and immediate past chairman, Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Modibbo Adama chapter, Dr. Abubakar Sadiq Umar, lauded the award saying that the newspaper can not give such awards without cogent reasons.

He applauded Fintiri for the strides he is making in the Adamawa socio, economic and political landscape, noting that such laudable feats must have informed the investiture of the leadership newspapers award.

“Whatever the people may say about the award, depends on individual perception. My own perception is that he really achieved it that is why they honored him with the award,” he said.


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