N65,000 MIN WAGE: Workers to embark on nationwide strike

Minimum wage

In regards to the N65,000 minimum wage and the Federal Government’s delay in implementation, Organized Labor unions are set to embark on a nationwide industrial action.

The organized labor, which comprise of Nigerian Labor Congress (NLC), Trade Union Congress (TUC) and United Labor Congress (ULC) had issued a 14-days ultimatum to the government on September 12 to deliberate on a final amount to enable the minimum wage committee conclude its sitting.

The proposed amount by Labor was collectively N65,000 as the new standard national minimum wage for all Nigerian workers.

With only two days left from the organized labor’s ultimatum, the federal government is yet to address the committee on the issue nor attempt any negotiation. Thus, the president of United Labor Congress (ULC), Joe Ajaero issued a communique on Monday, September 24.

The president of the congress gave the address after an emergency meeting of the Central Working Committee (CWC) yesterday in Lagos. Joe Agaero regrettably disclosed that the government was yet to “respond sensibly and positively to workers’ demands nor show any signs that shows otherwise”.

Ajaero emphasized that the union will collaborate with other labor centers and civil society organizations to embark on a nation-wide strike if the government failed to comply with their demand.

“we shall no longer be obliged by this time to give any further notice to the government before embarking on the action. By this communique, we order all our affiliates and state councils nation-wide to move to the final level of alert in their preparation for the proposed nationwide strike”, he said

The president of the CWC asserted that the new national minimum wage is desirable and possible, censuring that lack of patriotism, greed and corruption will stampede the reasonable wage.

He implied that “if government could be patriotic for once by cutting off perks of political appointments and others in positions of leadership as well as shed off the toga of greed and corruption” the new minimum wage could be implemented.

Ajaero asserted that the government is still playing politics with the lives and living welfare of Nigerians, especially civil servants, in what he described as the “government’s known intransigence and insensitivity to the collective plight of the people”.


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