NTA: Yola station down for 3 weeks, facility dilapidates


Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Yola branch has been having technical problems which led to the station’s inability to transmit broadcasts for more than three weeks.

Mr Muhammad Sa’idu, acting manager of the NTA, Yola branch disclosed to FOMBINATIMES that they have been experiencing some technical problems lately which they have complained to their Headquarters in Abuja before the station finally went off.

Although they forwarded their complains to Abuja, the Headquarters did not respond to their problems up till date and therefore, the Yola Station of the NTA have been down for nearly one month.

FOMBINATIMES have gathered that even at the time when the station was functioning, recently, they have not been broadcasting as constant as they are known to be doing in the past.

Some of the problems hindering the activities of the station include but not limited to logistics and funding; lack of diesel and faulty power generators have been the common complaints from the station recently.

“We are having technical problems lately, I am not a technician so I don’t know what exactly the problem is, but we have forwarded our complain to the headquarters at the FCT, and we are expecting engineers to be sent to rectify the problem, they might arrive next week, Monday”. The Acting Manager told FOMBINATIMES

Dilapidated, dejected and abandoned are few words that can describe the structures and buildings of the NTA station located along Ahmadu Bello way, Jimeta-Yola, the Adamawa state capital.

Entrance to the NTA, Yola Station from the Ahmadu Bello Way

When asked why the station is deserted and devoid of the usual bustle of a TV station, Mr Sa’idu connected it to the technical problems they are having as a reason why staffs have not been present, and also today been Saturday.

When asked about what the Government is doing to rehabilitate the dilapidating structures and facilities of the station whether at the state or federal level, Mr. Muhammed blames the federal government saying it is their responsibility to maintain the station.

Reception Hall at NTA, Yola Station

“The station has been that way for long, the building is wearing down. It is the responsibility of the Federal government to renovate and maintain the station’s facilities, the state government can only help out if they like, but it’s the federal government jurisdiction”. The Acting manager explains.


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