[PROMOTED] Abdu Dollar: Adamawa’s rising Phoenix and philanthropist par excellence

Abdu Dollar
Mr Abdullahi Ahmed (Abdu Dollar)

Abdullahi Ahmed who is fondly called Abdu Dollar has carved a niche for himself in the art of philanthropy to the extent that he established a reputation of being a household name in Adamawa state and beyond.

Call him the most successful young entrepreneur of all time and the most accomplished philanthropist in Adamawa State and you will not be wrong.

Without mincing words or the fear of being disputed, one can say with an air of authority that Abdu Dollar has become a phenomenon whose golden hands and exceptional philanthropy has changed many lives in Adamawa State.

Dollar who is aptly described as “the man with the midas touch” by his numerous admirers, is a now a reference point who will be remembered by posterity as the man whose momentous exploits had impacted all and sundry and whose wealth brings happiness and joy to the ordinary and downtrodden in the state.

Ngurore community led their village head on a thank you visit to Dollar after he sunk boreholes in their community.

No wonder Abdu Dollar is currently the most reckoned name in Adamawa State as his solid imprints traverses all nooks and crannies of Adamawa State generating positive vibes never witnessed before.

The legacies of Abdu Dollar were aptly captured by one of his admirers who said: “Abdu Dollar has instituted an unprecedented revolution that will lead to the total annihilation of poverty, the complete rejuvenation of the economy and the emancipation of many from the shackles of illiteracy and squalor across the state by proffering solutions to some of the basic existential challenges in many areas as enunciated by his sectoral interventions especially in the water sector.

“I must state that in a short time, Dollar has provided portable water to thousands of households across the state. This feat is unprecedented by all standards as it is the first of its kind, an individual elected or non elected is taking the gauntlet of preventing the plebian masses from going thirsty across the length and breadth of the state without prejudice. This very remarkable feat is unmatched in the history of Adamawa State.”

A complete borehole with overhead thank sunk by Dollar at Jada, Jada LGA of Adamawa state

Elucidating the feats and exploits achieved in the water sector, a close associate of Dollar Alh Ahmed Aliyu Dikko popularly known as “Wali Lomba” said the intervention of Abdu Dollar in the water sector has solved the age long water scarcity faced by many communities in Adamawa State.

“Some of these communities have been without a good source of water for decades. Others never had the privilege of having a borehole sunk in their communities.

“The major preoccupation of children and even women in some of these communities on daily basis, is how to get water. Many children use to skip schools in search of water in many instances. But with the intervention, sanity has now replaced the hitherto despondency while the communities heave a sigh of relief and reprieve from decades of lack and wretchedness.

“These communities have been grappling with ailments related to the consumption of unclean water such as cholera, typhoid fever etc. But with Dollar’s intervention, such challenges have been nipped completely in the bud,” he said.

He noted that some of the communities that were impacted by the robust intervention of Dollar include Mayo Belwa, Yola South, Yola North, Girei, Jada and Song and many more.

He added that the project will soon be extended to remaining of the 21 local governments of the state in line with Dollar’s philosophy of carrying everyone along.

The numerous interventions of Dollar in the water sector as expected was greeted with applause by the recipients of the gesture.

Applauding Abdu Dollar for the excellent feat, the chairman of Song local government, Hon. Gidado Abdulsalam was full of encomiums for the goodwill thanking Dollar for coming to the rescue of the people in one of the most critical areas.

Abdu Dollar (left) with Hon Gidado Abdulsalam executive chairman of Song LGA (right) during a thank you visit to Dollar after he (Dollar) sunk 11 boreholes in Song LG 

Corroborating the chairman, the district head of Kojoli who double as the Dan Galadiman Ganye, Alh Kabiru Hayatu, said the gesture could not have come at a better time as water scarcity has been a major challenge in the area noting that only God can reward Dollar for the show of passionate compassion.

The village heads of Gongoshi and Wuroyanka of Yola South respectively during their thank you visit to Dollar after he dug boreholes in their respective communities.

“We have been clamouring to have a borehole for decades without success. We all appreciate this landmark project for the fact that it is a life saving project. Even animals have immensely benefitted from the project as they don’t have to go far to get drinking water.

“May Allah reward Alhaji Abdu Dollar abundantly for the kind gesture,” he noted.

Similarly, the residents of the other local governments who benefitted from the water projects where full of praises for Alhaji Abdu Dollar praying Allah to expand his wealth, accord him long life and prosperity for the benefit of mankind.

One of the boreholes being sunk

On the question of when the gesture will affect other local governments, Wali Lomba, a close associate to the philanthropist said, preparations are currently geared towards extending the water works to the rest of the local governments of the state in line with Dollar’s ambition to affect all Adamawa citizens in his desire to give back to Adamawa state for giving him so much.



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