[PROMOTED] Mubi youth Jubilate as Kamal declares for state assembly

Kamal, Assembly member Aspirant, Mubi North

Mubi North was in celebratory mood as Kamal Sali Yunusa bowed to pressure and responded affirmatively to the numerous calls of his constituents to contest for state assembly seat.

The agitations for Kamal to run for state assembly member began as early as 2016. People who thought him worthy and capable of representing them began mounting billboards across town promoting his candidature. Ever since, his popularity and approval ratings continue to soar high.

Today, Kamal is one of the people in Mubi who don’t need introduction. Coming from one of the popular families in the town, his openness and receptive attitude towards everyone endeared him to the masses.

Kamal is an energetic youth in his late thirties. He doesn’t shy away from responsibility. He is a committed and dedicated individual.

Kamal Yunusa's Rally in Mubi
Kamal Yunusa’s Rally in Mubi

This perhaps explained why his contemporaries respect him, elders like him and the youth admire him. The chanting of Kamal Kawai in unison wherever he goes in town and chieftaincy title “Chigari Matasan Mubi” are testimony to his approval and recognition by both the elderly and the young generation.

Kamal is not a political neophyte nor an accidental politician. The desire in him to ameliorate the living conditions of people around him made Kamal to participate in politics right from his days in the university.

He is that kind of person who will not be a bystander when he can actually make things better or fold his hands and let things be if something could be done about it.

Overwhelmed by mammoth crowd of supporters while rallying around the city yesterday, Kamal had to drop from the vehicle and walk about 300 meters shaking hands and acknowledging cheers from supporters who trooped to register their support.

Meanwhile, his entourage was treated with a gesture hitherto enjoyed only by former Adamawa state governor Murtala Nyako.

It would be recalled in 2008 when Nyako came to Mubi to canvas votes ahead of gubernatorial elections in the state, all the vehicles in his convoy were washed as a gesture of solitary. Same was done to Kamal’s convoy yesterday.

It should be borne in mind that Kamal’s popularity and approval among the masses did not come overnight, nor was it by a magical wand.

It would be recalled that Kamal was instrumental to the success of president Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Muhammad Bindow Umar Jibrilla in the 2015 elections.

Coming from the now defunct Congress for progressive change (CPC), Kamal attended and contributed to the series of meetings that gave birth to the All Progressive Congress (APC).

He was the chairman of youth wing of APC known as All Progressives Congress Youth Forum Adamawa state chapter and was among the youths invited to the villa by president Buhari to deliberate on how to move the country forward and increase the lot of the people.

He held other positions at the zonal level of the party.

Speaking during the official declaration at Mubi North APC secretariat along Ahmadu Bello way, Kamal acknowledged the effort of the leadership of the party in fostering unity among members, reminding them that it was the united front that enable them wrestle power away from a ruling party at both national and state levels.

He likened party executives to parents, whom he said one should respect and obey as a good child should.

However, the welfare of party executives is taken for granted as window curtains, modern seat and desk befitting a ruling party office and other facilities are lacking in the secretariat. He promised to treat party executives and delegates better when he makes it to office.

Kamal Yunusa hand-shaking supporters during his declaration rally in Mubi
Kamal Yunusa hand-shaking supporters during his declaration rally in Mubi

“As a lecturer, I interact a lot with youths and I am familiar with the challenges our people are facing. These challenges are surmountable if the will and needed commitment and support is there” Kamal stated.

Kamal lectures at the department of library and information science of the Federal Polytechnic, Mubi. He serves other departments in the polytechnic through entrepreneurship courses.

Kamal described his ambition to represent Mubi North at the state assembly as a selfless mission to emancipate people from the nonchalant attitude towards the welfare and well-being of the people by the present member.

He added ” the party and electorates need to start exercising their powers to call back any non -performing legislator”.

He sought the support of party executives and delegates, promising to add to the empowerment programs he has already begun.

Kamal has sponsored women to acquire tailoring skills. The first batch totaling 50 women have already graduated. Training for the second batch will commence soon.

Addressing the gathering, Mubi North APC chairman Alhaji Usman Sarki Mudu lamented the poor state of the party office, saying they (party executive and delegates) have no power to make or mar any aspirant.

“However, when we assist you to win elections, you in turn don’t return the favour” Alhaji Usman said.

He ensured Kamal of the party support and a level playing field in the forthcoming party’s primary elections.

Also speaking at the declaration ceremony, Mallam Baba Yaduma described Kamal as a son who he observed is committed, dedicated, hardworking and has the interest of the people in his heart.

“these leadership qualities and more are why I’m today to support his aspiration” Baba Yaduma concluded.

Mallam Baba Yaduma taught Kamal in government day secondary school Mubi.

The declaration ceremony was attended by party executives and delegates, ward chairpersons, prominent individuals across the city, youths, women, family, friends and supporters.


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