Searchlight on Adamawa Local Governments

Adamawa Local Governments

It has become imperative in the course of discharging our constitutional duty as the fourth realm of the estate, to ensure checks and balances in our democratic system to enhance and promote good governance.

Of particular interest to FOMBINATIMES is the local government system which is the most closest to the common man.

It is expected that following the financial autonomy which the federal government granted to the third tier of government, and the claim by Adamawa State government to the effect that it has implemented the policy, it has become expedient that as conscientious organization, we must ensure that each local government utilizes the funds for the purpose of emancipating the wretched and the downtrodden of this earth.

FOMBINATIMES will by the beginning of next month, start publishing an investigative compendium on how the huge resources which accrue to the local governments were expended.

To do that, the paper will put into consideration the amount obtained by individual local governments, how much they spent to service the joint account, how much they spent to pay workers salaries and other entitlements and other such sundry expenditures as approved by the law.

Against this backdrop, we shall also talk to all the stakeholders including the local government officials, workers and the masses to ensure balance.

We look forward to the cooperation of all and sundry to ensure the solidification of our nascent democracy.

Thank you in anticipation of your positive contributions.


Mustapha Dikko
Special investigation/projects desk


  1. There is need of reconciliation between our distinguish senator the ambassador of youths hon ishaku abbo and the right hon amadu umaru fintiri fresh air, for the development of our state and our great party.


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