Titanic war looms as ‘new defections’ open old wounds between Fintiri and Nyako

Fintiri and Nyako, Adamawa PDP

PDP will hear from us – Nyako

The prospects of a sustained political harmony between the Nyako’s political hegemony and the Adamawa State government led by Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri seems to have been shattered as the heir to Nyako political dynasty, Abdulaziz Murtala Nyako, opened his fangs and vows to avenge a political treachery which he accused Fintiri of meting out to him.

The PDP, led by governor Fintiri and the African Democratic Party (ADC), led by Abdulaziz Nyako, have enjoyed convivial relationship immediately the Fintiri led administration was birthed in 2019, after it defeated the then ruling party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The new development was despite the role which Fintiri played in impeaching Nyako from power in 2014 when he held sway as the speaker of Adamawa State house of assembly.

Many in the state were of the belief that as a result of the role he played in humiliating the patriarch of the dynasty, Murtala Hammenyero Nyako, Abdulaziz Nyako and his his political support base will maintain belligerence against Fintiri for life.

But as the saying goes that in politics there is no permanent friend or enemy but permanent interests, the two groups managed to reconcile their differences in an unprecedented show of maturity that left many in the state nonplussed.

But the convivial atmosphere of camaraderie was abruptly shattered yesterday as a result of the incursion of the PDP into the ADC’s territory.

Like in the animal kingdom where such action usually comes with a high price, Abdulaziz Nyako, a war veteran, has vowed to visit such act of “repugnant political intransigence ” with equal dose of animosity.

Nyako has during one of his visits to the Dougirei seat of power at the onset of the Fintiri’s administration said, he and his political machinery will support the new government to achieve the electoral promises it made to the people.

He noted that even though he was defeated by Fintiri in the 2019 contest, as a man whose interest is to move the state forward, he will join hands with Fintiri to ensure the emancipation of the state and the people, promising never to indulge in the spoiler’s game for the expediency of gaining political traction.

In his response during the occasion, Fintiri promised to entrench good governance and uphold the spirit of unity and oneness as espoused by Nyako.

But as the two camps tried to maintain the tempo of mutual understanding, pundits said a crack manifested in the works when Nyako made efforts to mend fences with the Lamido of Adamawa with whom himself and his father had a protracted recrimination which led Lamido to strip them of their coveted traditional titles.

Impeccable sources close to the governor told our reporter that Fintiri was not happy with the move by Nyako to reconcile with Lamido because of the no love lost between him and Lamido over the alleged role the traditional ruler played against his ambition in the build up to the 2019 gubernatorial election.

The governor who saw Nyako’s move as subterfuge, also planned a payback by moving to deplete the Nyako’s support base so as to subtly checkmate his “gangling and effusive” ambition for good.

According to sources, the governor was forced to encroach the Nyako’s stronghold because he was not comfortable with “the double roles” Nyako was playing, dinning with him in the afternoon and sleeping with his enemies in the night as such antics if left unchecked, constitute a serious threat to his ambition come 2023.

The move started paying premiums when an important member of the ADC Rufai Umar Gombi, as well as his teeming supporters defected to PDP early this year.

The development which was received with a pinch of salt in Nyako’s camp premised the renewed hostilities and struggles for control ahead of the epic 2023 general polls.

Fintiri who welcomed the defectors with ecstasy into the PDP fold ordered that they should be given the same privileges with existing members of the party as they were also members of the party who lost bearing and relocated to an unfamiliar terrain.

Not done with, governor Fintiri in another move to further deplete the ADC, yesterday at the Dougirei government house, also received high profile defectors from the ADC into the PDP fold.

The governor received the defectors few days after he appointed some members of the ADC political establishment as Special Advisers, in a gimmick which the government tagged “government of unity”.

High profile members of the ADC including Dauda Shallangwa, former ADC state deputy chairman, and Alhaji Koiranga a former ADC local government Chairman among several others left their former abode and settled with Fintiri.

But few moments to the event, the ADC has through its spokesman, Comrade Chakukuyada Godwin Kala’a described the touted defection of thousands of ADC members into the PDP as the height of political charade.

In a riposte of rebuttal entitled: ” The purported defection of ADC members to PDP: The cheapest shenanigan of the century.” Kala’a excoriated PDP for feeding the general public with cheap lies in order to gain undeserved political mileage.

He noted that the party has since severed relationship with those who are defecting sequel to their unwholesome and double standards in the build up to the 2019 gubernatorial election.

“ADC as a party ceased to recognise such characters as its members, shortly after the general elections, following the reports of the Alh. Sani Jada and Hon. Abalis Paul led committee, which found them profoundly culpable in the crime of political sabotage, betrayals, anti-party activities among others.

“The party shudders to find such persons still parading themselves as its members, long after their memories are totally erased and forgotten. We seem to scantly remember that they were our erstwhile members, so how did they arrive at defection from the same party that got rid of them.

“May we, as a party bring to the fore of the populace, that the parties in question were ONLY candidates for state assemblies of Furore ( verre), Tungo, Lamurde, Yola North, Gerei and Gombi respectively. By mere arithemetics, they are only a quarter of the number of the candidates that contested under ADC, how logical is it to conclude that they are in thousands.

“If they were any force to reckon with as claimed, they should have been at the hallowed chamber, championing the legislative business of the state. Alas! None of them is there. It is therefore safe to conclude that, they were mere liabilities with no value to add to the party, therefore, their exit would not be a loss, rather, blessings to the party.

“It gives us great concern as a party, the way the ruling party, took so serious, with great euphoria the purported defection of the political feather-weights. It is liken to someone given a toy gun, sadly the person believed it to be a live one, owing to his ignorance of what it actually is.

“ADC as a party of concern for the welfare and security of the citizens is worried about the shenanigan, which is capable of distracting the mind of the governor, away from his primary responsibilities, even at the wake of rising spate of insecurity in the state, adding that the governor should focus on governance, as the time for politicking is over,” Kala’a said.

It may be worthy to note that political relations between Fintiri and Nyako was replete with poignant and nostalgic twists and tales.

The trajectory of Fintiri into political limelight was accentuated by the push it got from former governor Murtala Nyako when against all odds he ensured that Fintiri not only won the primaries for Madagali state constituency under the PDP umbrella but ensured that he became the member representing the constituency in the assembly in 2011.

But relationship between the two politicians went sour when Nyako allegedly shutdown the state house of assembly which impeached his political godson and member representing Fufuore constituency, Sadiq Dasin and replaced him with Fintiri.

The development has elicited considerable public disquiet as it was seen as an anathema to democratic practice which accords the three arms of government discrete independence. The situation was saved when the court ordered the rerun of governorship election in the state following some lapses in the electoral process that warranted the conduct of fresh gubernatorial election in the state.

As a result of the court order, Fintiri who was the substantive speaker, became the acting governor of the state. He ensured the victory of Nyako at the polls.

But following his effusive altercation with the Goodluck Jonathan’s led federal government, as a result of the Boko Haram imbroglio, the federal government conjured up an impeachment plan against Nyako. Fintiri ensured the script was implemented to fruition making him to get the coveted prize to rule the state in acting capacity for a period of 86 days before he was swept away by the tsunami of the political intrigues of his party, PDP.

PDP will hear from us – Nyako

But the action of Fintiri at encroaching his territory has opened the rested animosity between the two political warlords, as Nyako warned Fintiri not to misconstrue his open support for his government as weakness.

In a bellicose statement he made via his Facebook page, Nyako accused Fintiri of fiddling while the state is consumed by a raging fire of insecurity, ethnic clashes, cattle rustling and general insecurity.

“ADC Adamawa has created an enabling political environment for the PDP led Government in Adamawa to govern in political peace for the benefit of our people but they seem to be more keen on politicking rather than leadership.

“They created a storm in a tea cup with nothing at stake and blew it out of proportions for propaganda purposes by claiming that there have been mass defections from the ADC to the PDP today.

“Why heat up the polity and waste resources unnecessarily at this time when there is nothing politically at stake until 2022-2023 rather than focusing on the needs of our people?

“Don’t they have enough on their plate: COVID-19 Pandemic, extreme poverty at the grassroots, kidnappings, ‘en shila, BH, cattle rustling, Poor Internally Generated Revenue and recent ethno-religious killings around Lamurde-Guyuk axis?

“What is very unfortunate is that they even had the audacity to have a political program for defection barely a month after the massacres at Tingno-Tito; and barely 10 days after the loss of lives and property in settlements around Lafiya-Lamurde; at a time when many of our people are mourning! This seems to be a re-incarnation of Emperor Nero playing the fiddle while Rome was burning!

“Is this Administration serious at all?,” Nyako tersely asked.


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