UFC 251: Nigeria’s nightmare Kamaru Usman defeats Jorge Masvidal

Kamaru Usman

Nigerian born pugilist, Kamaru Usman has retained his UFC welterweight championship following a unanimous point decision win over Jorge Masvidal.

The Nigerian Nightmare successfully defended his belt as he dominated most part of the rounds with his unique wrestling ability.

As expected, the match produced fireworks with the champion scoring a take a down in the first round but the American got himself back from the lock.

Masvidal also had a couple of shots thrown at Usman as the first round was evenly contested between both fighters.

The Nigerian Nightmare dominated the second round as he slowed the pace of the fight down by scoring more points in grappling.

But Masvidal broke lose again in the final few seconds of the second round throwing some leg kicks and punches.

Usman came out smoking in the third, throwing some punches and getting involved in the clinch on the Mexican-born American martial artist.

And the fight was partially stopped as the Nigerian fighter seemed to have caught Masvidal with a low blow.

But after they match continued, Usman scored two takedowns in quick successions, throwing some elbows at his opponent on the mat.

Usman’s wrestling background gave him the advantage over Masvidal who is a specialist on martial arts.

The Nigerian dropped Masvidal a couple of times not giving the American space to throw punches in the early exchanges of the fourth round.

In the final round, Masvidal who was given a six-day notice Masvidal looked tired as Usman scored another impressive takedown.

Masvidal spent most part of round defending as the match finally came to an end and Usman was officially announced as the winner with all three judges giving the Nigerian all the points.


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